Everything presented on the koraliczanka.wordpress.com site is a unique and hand-made product, not found anywhere else. Manufactured according to strict formulas arising spontaneously in my mind in uneven time intervals.BEADS

Prices are —- beads or —-, depending on the complexity and amount of work (relates only to beads with numbers!)

As the majority is done in real time, the delivery time varies and depends on the number, complexity, etc. I am able to do the beads according to buyers idea, if you have an idea for graphics on bead just sent me a pattern or describe an idea – if it is only feasible, I will make one especially for You.

Price on such requested bead is determined according to the pattern / design.

Beads have a diameter of about 8mm and high of 15mm (all of them are visible in the gallery).

Each bead is made of wood and painted with acrylic paints, finally covered with a layer of clear lacquer.

Accept orders more than 5 pieces.

Smooth beads no. 23 are in every imaginable color (almost every, there are no colors: suede, decrepit, colourful color, the color of stew, oven, etc.)


Jewelry presented on the blog is also available.

Prices depend on the amount of work and materials used, my handicrafts can be found on auctions at allegro.pl and etsy.com, information about the currently marketed products can be found in the „auctions” category.

If no auction is currently running, you can order models presented on the blog by e-mail.


Any of my unique products can be yours, to buy just what you are interested write to:


gg: 1888835


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